Some of your best friends have four legs. We know. We feel the same way. Our retired racing greyhound, Lochrima, is a wonderful pal. Life would not be the same without her around. Our clients and guests have enjoyed her gentle company for the past 9 years, as have total strangers who meet her in passing.

Like many greyhounds, she is graceful, kind and affectionate. A truly remarkable companion. But she’s a lucky dog. Not all racing greyhound make it to a loving home or comfy retirement.

Which is why we are always happy to support various greyhound rescue and adoption groups that need help fundraising. Recently, Colorado Greyhound Adoption reached out to let us know they were doing and online auction to raise funds for more rescue-hounds. In 2012, Colorado Greyhound Adoption found homes for 154 retired racers. Caring for all these hounds and getting them ready for retirement cost $80,000 in veterinary bills.

Of course we sent an item: one of Nathaniel’s 10×10 canvas wraps of an angel greyhound racing among the clouds. And there are loads of other great items available to help with worthy cause. If Colorado Greyhound Adoption is lucky, this auction may raise as much as $8,000, as past auctions have, to help with vet care and other needs for track dogs in 2014.

Please take a moment to log onto the auction, hosted by 2Hounds Designs, and see if there are any items there for a hound or pet-lover in your life. After all, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Mother’s Day is not too far off, either.

We especially liked the necktie, rake tray, art tile and fancy collar. Lochrima would look just lovely in that…don’t you think?

The auction ends on Monday February 3rd, so please log on and bid generously! Your contribution may mean all the difference in the world for a retired racer like Lochrima!

~ Rissa