Pretty much every week, a different charity group emails our company and asks for help. We cant be there for everyone, we wish we could. But sometimes, we pick a group and devote our efforts to their cause.

Our friend Denise volunteers with the Howard County Cat Club, a no-kill shelter in Columbia, MD. She mentioned to us that the shelter needed a new photographer and we know from experience – great images get animals adopted. So Nathaniel stepped up to help the cats by taking images of them at the shelter to post online and in print ads.
This lucky kitty appeared in the Maryland Women’s Journal in December.
The HCCC is dedicated to keeping cats out of shelters because they believe that no cat deserves to live in a cage, or to be put to death because it is no longer wanted or in the way. They also operate a behavior hotline to help cats and their human companions resolve their differences.  
HCCCoperates a cat group home – its cage free and cats can look out windows, hide under furniture or lounge on chairs. We love hanging out there when it’s picture time. It’s kitty therapy for us and friends to play with for them.

If you or anyone you know is considering a new feline companion, we hope you will check out the residents at Howard County Cat Club. They have indoor and outdoor cats available pretty much all the time!

Meow — from the kitties!
~ Rissa