Headshots are used by all kinds of folks. Actors come to mind first, though, and some our dramatic talent clientele just have the coooolest jobs!

Take Leigh Brooks for example…

She’s not any regular actor. She’s a voice-over specialist. You can hear her narrating books-on-tape, doing political ads and even giving life to animated characters.

At her headshot she told us about a project she did with the National Wildlife Federation, narrating several characters for a Ranger Rick app. That’s right – Ranger Rick! You remember that from elementary school, right?

The app is called “Click the Birdie” and the basic idea is that children can select a different region of North America and “photograph” birds on their iPad by tapping on the screen, which simulates a camera viewfinder.

Each time a bird is “shot” by the child playing the game, an info screen comes up and a short “bio” of the birdie is displayed.
When children visit different regions in the Click the Birdie game, a host tells them about the native birds that live there and offer other fun facts. Leigh voiced several of these adorable characters!
You can buy Click the Birdie for only $.99. And honestly, it’s fun for adults too. We both found the advanced level challenging to keep up with!
Thanks Leigh for trusting us with your headshots – and for telling us about Click the Birdie!
We’ve had fun playing it and know that other families will enjoy it, too ~ it’s fast paced, educational, colorful and a blast!
~ Rissa