Lindsay Shields isn’t your everyday stylist. Sure, she’s mega talented and can make your make-up and hair look like you belong on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. She directs the Academy of Make-up in Cockeysville and also is an artist at the Maryland office of Up Do’s for I Do’s. But she’s a great deal more that her talent. She is so much heart.

Lindsey Shields, Make-up Artist and Stylist

For the past several years, in conjunction with Up Do’s for I Do’s, Lindsey has set up an amazing program with two area hospitals. Basically, she asks hair and make-up artists to volunteer their time, talent and supplies to go into cancer centers and give free make-overs to patients receiving treatment for breast cancer. Nathaniel & I go along, and offer a free portrait session if desired, or if a family is along, sometimes we do a family portrait.

This idea came to Lindsey two years ago when she was doing make-up for a bridesmaid who was 23 years-old and going through chemo for cancer. The young woman had